Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family photo shoot

On Thanksgiving Day we did a little family photo shoot downtown. My brother in law Jason Hill and my sister Emily Hill were kind enough to take our pictures and they turned out so well!! Loved every second of it and can't wait for our next shoot. As a matter of fact I am scouting out places for the next one. If you are interested in having them take your pictures leave a comment with info to get in touch with you.

Emily's Pie Social

My sister Emily and brother in law Jason had a Pie social the Saturday before thanksgiving.  Your admission was a pie and then you could eat any kind of pie that was on the buffet.  We took a pumpkin pie from Marie Callenders ! I am not exactly Julia Child and wasn't ready to try my hand at making a pie from scratch. The party was a great idea and so fun!! I hope it becomes and annual party! I will attend every year.  Thanks Emily and Jason for having us!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hand print turkeys!

We did our first Thanksgiving craft this weekend! WOOT! We made hand print turkeys. It was fun! We made the bodies out of lunch sacks and then made feathers out of construction paper. They had google eyes and pipe cleaner beaks feet and waddles. We had some of the nieces and nephews making them with us. They all seemed to enjoy themselves. Nicco didn't really understand but he enjoyed coloring his turkey. It turned out awesome! I will keep it for many years to come. I Grayce and her turkey!

Ashley and her turkey Ben and his turkey
Felicity and her turkey
Nicco and his turkey
Jacob and his turkey

Halloween time!

Daddy and an angry flower!

Nicco was a really tired chicken!
Our sweet little flower!

The chicken and his daddy

Nicco was a little chicken for Halloween and Lola was a purple flower. Both costumes were super cute! I love that I still get to choose what they will be. I think that will end next year! Nicco will probably have an opinion by then. We went up to Foothill village to trick or treat. It was great! Nicco was angry and throwing fits until he realized that every new place we went to had a new piece of candy for him. He would take one out of each bucket and then hand it to Nick or I to put in his bucket. I was very proud of him for being such a big boy and only taking one piece! Lola had a good time riding around and collecting a few pieces of candy too! After trick or treating we had snacks and watched movies as a family. It was a great holiday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

We had an awesome time at the pumpkin patch! It was more like a field with pumpkins in rows but it didn't matter to us or the kids. It was on 11600 south and 3600 west for anyone who wants to check it out. They have a little corn maze as well and a whole row of tractors that the kids can get on and pretend they are driving. They do a hay ride on Monday, Friday and Saturday nights from 5 til 7. It had a ton of great photo opportunities! Nicco had a great time running up and down the rows of pumpkins!
Lola on tractor! She seemed so little!
Self taken family portrait! Woot! Mad photography skills!
We had a hard time getting Nicco off the tractors! I think that was his favorite part.
Yay family!
Beautiful boy!
He army crawled under a fallen corn stalk. It was rad!!!
Nicco and I in the corn maze.
Lola and daddy in the corn maze.
Entrance to the corn maze.
My he-man
Lola throwing a pumpkin. Both kids threw them!
Nicco in the patch.
The stroller in the dirt was less than fun to say the least.
My sexy mans!
Pumpkin patch rules!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I just had to blog about a momentous thing that happened on Sunday! We not only made it to church but we were early! What you say? How can this be? I have no idea how it happened to be totally honest. But it did and I am proud. I can't remember when we were all clean, well dressed and on time to church! Good things happen occasionally! I can't guarantee that it will ever happen again but I will always remember Sunday, October 18th, 2009 as a day that the planets aligned just right and we made it there!


This is Adam Young. He is basically Owl City all by himself.
Owl City yo!
This is us right after we got into the venue. Who looks hot?! Yeah I do!!!
This guy is amazing. He is a homeless man that plays his cello for money. You can see him all over down town. He played while we were waiting in line.
This is Brooke Waggoner. She was freaking awesome!!! She Played before Owl City. I wish she had played longer.

We had such a fun time! The pictures are all out of order but the captions let you know what they are.

Brooke Waggoner played first and I thought she was wonderful. We bought one of her albums the very next day because we enjoyed her so much. The band that played after her was called Scene Aesthetic. They were a Dashboard Confessional wannabe band and they left something to be desired to say the least! Owl City was awesome! It was super fun! They are a great band to dance to. Loved it. The venue was pretty cool too. They played at Club Sound (formerly In The Venue). It was a small intimate show which made it kind of special.